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Analyze the effect of network advertising from three directions

Published time: 2019-02-22 15:14Author: Qinghai Enterprise Network Technology Co., LTDSource: Qinghai website optimization网址:

At present, the online advertising model led by search engine bidding is the PPC's online advertising model,By click,Unique visitors (UV) as the baseline,To form click-through rate (CTR),Several key metrics (KPIs) such as Conversions Rates are used to measure advertising effectiveness。But these KPIs can not explain all the problems, want to understand the specific characteristics of the consumer information is far from, with 3W1H method can carry out a simple analysis, who is the click, where they are, what time point, why click, then the rest of the people who did not click, why did they not click。For some doubts, some professional organizations in the industry, such as Nielsen, Millward Brown, Ipsos, iResearch, second hand system, do a lot of data sorting and analysis, trying to find the answer, although it has not been completely solved, but also made great progress。

Based on the evaluation system of several large research institutions, the effectiveness of online advertising is mainly evaluated from three aspects: brand association, creative communication and persuasion。Brand association refers to the ability of an advertisement to make people remember the brand,This is important,没有哪个广告主希望花费大笔费用“为别人做嫁衣”;创意沟通指广告中的创意能否被人理解以及人们看后对其的评价(如喜欢程度、独特程度、可信程度等); 说服是说广告对于激励消费者采取后续行动的能力,Includes finding more information,Share with friends,And of course the important "purchase"。 However, to some extent, due to the operational characteristics of online advertising and the operational characteristics of traditional market research, some means to achieve the above measurement purposes are not well used。

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