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Optimization of keyword density and keyword stacking

Published time: 2016-05-25 00:00

Keyword Density 。 Keyword density is the ratio of the total number of times a keyword or a keyword appears on a web page to other words。The more keywords appear relative to the total number of words on the page, the greater the total keyword density。The more times other words appear, the lower the proportion of keywords, and the smaller the keyword density。

Before we talk about keyword density and keyword stacking, we need to understand two issues:

一。 How do search engines determine the keywords of a web page。

If the text appears in the title tag or the keywords tag, the search engine will identify it as the keyword of the web page, and for other text in the web page, the search engine will no longer care about it?The answer is clearly no。Strictly speaking,As long as the text appears in the page,Are likely to be identified by the search as the page keywords,Just in a different location,Search engines just give different weights,For example, a web page that says "SEO" in its title tag,Another page only appears "SEO" in the article content,So the result,When searching for SEO,The former is likely to show up in the results,The chances of the latter occurring are almost zero。In general, if a certain word appears in the title tag, H tag, and then the content of the article at the same time, then the page will basically appear in the search results of the keyword, and the remaining question is whether the ranking is top or bottom。

二。 Search engines have word segmentation technology, and it is very mature。

Let me give you an example,Whether you type "Chongqing SEO" in the search box,Or search spider found "Chongqing SEO" when crawling web pages,Will automatically split it into "Chongqing" and "SEO" such two words,Relate the former to one of the latter two,Not two words that have nothing to do with each other。In this way, if a web page is optimized for "Chongqing SEO", there will also be a ranking in "SEO", and vice versa。

Next, let's discuss the topic of this article: keyword density and keyword stacking。

About the keyword density, listen to more is that the keyword density of a web page should be controlled between 4% and 8%, less than 4%, the optimization is not enough, higher than 8%, will be seen as keyword stacking, there is a suspicion of cheating。For this conclusion, it cannot be directly judged by right or wrong, but it must be analyzed separately。

Let me give you an example,On one page, "Chongqing SEO" appears 50 times,And on another page,Like "Chongqing SEO",There were 50 phrases including SEO training, SEO tutorial, and SEO techniques,Then query the keyword density of "Chongqing SEO" of a web page,And the keyword density of the "SEO" of the two pages,The values should be the same,But will the degree of suspicion associated with the two keywords be the same?Further down the reasoning, if you use a paragraph about 100 words to replace "Chongqing SEO", a paragraph like that in the web page repeated 50 times, keyword density is still the same, the search engine will allow such a page ranked in the first few pages of the search results?

This is not my thought out of thin air, but through the conclusion of the summary of the practice, you can go to check the SEOWHY home page "SEO" keyword density, I am afraid far more than 8%?However, the home page of this station has always been ranked in the main search "SEO" home page, and basically no third。

Analysis here, the conclusion I think we all understand it, a single keyword or a very short word, the density is slightly larger, is not seen as keyword stacking;If it is a long keyword combination, the density in the web page is too large, then there is a certain risk。

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