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ICANN may open up dedicated ** domain names for businesses

Published time: 2016-05-25 00:00

  Beijing time on June 20 noon news, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (hereinafter referred to as "ICANN") will hold a meeting in Singapore on Monday to discuss whether to open for,.net and.Top j domain other。If this proposal passes, the Internet will change more than ever。

  Industry observers say that if the proposal goes through, big companies such as Apple, Toyota and BMW will be able to launch websites with domain names。Michele Jourdan, ICANN Communications Manager, said: "The new top j domain names will make the Internet more changed than it has been since its inception。While this will not have a technical impact on how the Internet operates, it will change the way people seek information and businesses plan and design their online presence。”

   ICANN will hold a six-day meeting in Singapore to discuss the issue。The ICANN Board will vote Monday on whether to proceed with the new top j domain project。Sources say the vote is likely to pass。"Companies have the option to apply for their own domain name, which helps them design a new online and offline image and will also help companies better grasp the brand," said Jourdin。In addition, the brand new domain name will bring new business opportunities。”

   However, applying for a dedicated top j domain name is not cheap。Businesses will need to pay 18.$50,000, and meet a set of criteria set by ICANN, the application of the top j domain name can be approved by ICANN。ICANN said that the fees paid by companies are mainly the cost of the new top j domain name project to ensure that the project is adequately funded。In addition, this will prevent some speculators from buying domain names cheaply and reselling them。

  According to the draft guidelines for new top j domain applications published on May 30, only "established businesses, organizations or institutions with a good standing can apply for new Top j domains."。ICANN will not consider applications from individuals or single owners。

  Domain name Adrian Kinderis, a member of ICANN's advisory board, said that if ICANN approves the project, big companies will have a golden opportunity to protect their trademarks。"The big problem right now is that anyone can register any domain name," he says。The new program will give trademark owners the opportunity to register first and protect their brands。If you do not have a legitimate trademark, you will not be able to register the domain name。”

  Kindris said the new Top j domain project will also help companies strengthen their digital marketing。"This is not a random acquisition of a domain name。You will acquire a significant portion of Internet assets。”

  Graham Hitchmough, a brand in Singapore, said that if the new domain name project is approved, then businesses will be able to better reach their target audience。"This helps companies communicate their brands and products in a clearer and more consistent way," he says。”(维金)

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