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What should we pay attention to when adding content in website construction

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First, when adding information to the website, pay attention to avoid the following points:

1, it is better to add information interval time is a little longer, also do not want to let search engines often crawl you, every day on their own website to add some unrelated content。We have seen a peer website before, when you search for most of the hot news, his website will come out, but now after the search engine reform, his website search keywords have been ranked very far back, it is because too many popular keywords points to his website weight。

2. Keep in mind that additions can't be copied entirely from the Internet, and you should at least take the time to organize, embellish, and modify the article to make it a high-quality pseudo-original。

Second, to add useful to the site and search engines like the article

1, articles related to the website industry: if your website is selling clothing, then you have to send some information related to clothing, if it is to do real estate, release content related to real estate, this is very well understood。

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2, original articles: such as company introduction, about us, product display, cases, contact us and other columns,For these most people do not go to copy from other sites to obtain,Will prepare some of their own propaganda information according to the specific situation,So there are places on the site where users need to be reminded to add original articles,In fact, it refers to the news, technical knowledge or other programs, common sense and often need to add information to the column, section location,These information customers as far as possible according to their own experience to create some original technical documentation, precautions, instructions for use, etc., to add to the website。

Above isQinghai website constructionThe company to share some knowledge, I hope to help you。

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